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Discussion Paper on the Provider Number Legislation

Written on behalf of the Australian Doctors Fund.

August 31, 1997


Go To 1 The legislation and its immediate effect

Go To 2 Initial developments after the 1996 Budget; the Democrats’ package

Go To 3 The March strike

Go To 4 The training guarantee/clinical assistantship program

Go To 5 Clinical assistantships and specialist colleges

Go To 6 Clinical assistantships and the RACGP

Go To 7 Union, junior doctor reaction to clinical assistantships

Go To 8 Consumer impact of the legislation

Go To 9 Implications for women doctors

Go To 10 The rural doctor shortage

Go To 11 Politics and the provider number/control of the medical profession?

Go To 12 The supply side of the equation, or doctors and patient demand

Go To 13 Government bodies looking at medical training

Go To 14 Government bodies: Medical Training Review Panel (MTRP nicknamed 'mousetrap')

Go To 15 Government bodies: resident medical officers' forum

Go To 16 Government bodies; general practice training review panel

Go To 17 Should GP training places be expanded?

Go To 18 The RACGP, young doctors and the AMA

Go To 19 What junior hospital doctors do

Go To 20 A sentence in hospital

Go To 21 Medical degree and hospital work inadequate for GP training?

Go To 22 What benefit RACGP training?

Go To 23 Specialist trainees and the RACGP

Go To 24 Young doctors and medical centres

Go To 25 Alternative routes to provider numbers?

Go To 26 Rubbery figures/numbers? What numbers?

Go To 27 Numbers - oversupply?

Go To 28 Numbers - training places identified by the MTRP

Go To 29 Numbers - two specialists for every GP?

Go To 30 Numbers - how many will want places?

Go To 31 Numbers - Budget savings

Go To 32 A line in the sand/A workplace transformed

Go To 33 Mental health and junior doctors

Go To 34 Legal implications

Go To 35 Medicare

Go To 36 Overseas doctors

Go To 37 Not a number: one junior doctor's story

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