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Goodbye, Amanda.

"Sometimes we become so accustomed to friends colleagues and family that when one of them dies there really is a gaping hole in our lives. Amanda was such a person. She was a wise and compassionate doctor and in more recent times she became a second mother to cohorts of medical students at the new medical school, Notre Dame Sydney, which is a campus built around former Sacred Heart Parish Church near St Vincent’s Hospital –a true focal point of Sydney. Amanda loved her work and her students, for whom she cared greatly and was like second mother to them. Many will surely be shattered by her death. Goodbye, dear friend and faithful servant of a noble profession."

Dr Jim Wilkinson (19/07/2016)

"Dr Amanda McBride was an active member of the Australian Doctors' Fund Management Committee. A dear friend, a radio broadcaster, a loving wife, a teacher, a family GP, a strong person and advocate for women in medicine, a country girl and a kind and generous person who shone out even amongst other kind and generous people. We, on the ADF Management Committee will always remember Amanda with a smile on our face and a warm heart. Forever remembered and cherished."

Stephen Milgate - CEO & Director, ADF (19/07/2016)



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2017 May


I have researched and written on euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide for four decades while holding academic appointments in both the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University in Montreal.

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2017 May

Fake News and $100 Billion in Healthcare Cuts

In a recent submission entitled Private Health Insurance Consultations 2015-16, the private health insurance lobby group Private Healthcare Australia (PHA) has outlined its agenda to reduce the cost of healthcare by $100 billion over ten years.

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2017 May

$100 billion in Cuts to Healthcare Need to be Explained

“Claims by the private health fund lobby group Private Healthcare Australia, that “there is an opportunity to reduce Australia’s healthcare costs by $100 billion over a ten-year period, while at the same time improving healthcare outcomes” need to be spelled out in detail.” CEO of the Australian Doctors’ Fund, Mr Stephen Milgate said today.

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The ADF Supports / Opposes

The ADF Supports

Patient choice of doctor and the right to a second opinion. The right of a doctor to independently value their own service and the requirement to provide informed financial consent.
The vital role of the general practitioner, in preliminary diagnosis, referral and independent advice.
A strong private and public hospital sector, maximising their organisational strengths and capabilities.
Practical and sensible medical regulation that supports high standards of medical practice.
Profession led and supported quality assurance and professional development programs which strengthen the medical profession’s desire for continuous improvement.
Strong medical leadership on medical issues.
An affordable national medical register, State Medical Boards with strong medical representation, and a complaints process accountable to a single jurisdiction.
Doctors and health professionals being held legally accountable to their patients in cases of proven negligence.


The ADF Opposes

Forced patient registration, health fund ‘preferred provider’ networks that direct or influence referrals to health fund contracted doctors through incentives or penalties.
Budget holding, capitation, bundled payments, enforced role substitution and schemes designed to bypass the central role of the general practitioner.
Policies that distort the role of the public or private hospital sector for ideological reasons.
Make work schemes and naïve interventions designed to meet political agendas, not professional standards.
The imposition of bureaucratic or third party promoted control mechanisms, fads and marketing schemes disguised as quality control programs.
Using the voice of the medical profession to advance political agendas of the left or right.
An AHPRA bureaucracy with no accountability to any single jurisdiction.
No fault schemes which do not provide patients or doctors with due process in cases of alleged negligence.


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